If you are in or around the Manassas, Prince William County or Fairfax County areas of Northern Virginia, you are in luck!  We've got eggs in a rainbow of colors!  You can enjoy our eggs without the worry of chemicals, animal cruelty or even excessive cost - less than your favorite Starbucks latte!

About our Chickens and Eggs

We have about 65 chickens and a few roosters, who are all free-range and fed only the finest non-GMO grains.

Here's a few breeds from the coop:

Rhode Island Red - lays eggs in shades of brown

Easter Egger - lays beautiful, pale green eggs

Brown Leghorn - lays white eggs

Fresh Eggs

Rooster - they don't lay eggs!

At certain times of the year, we also have baby chicks.

Barred Rock - lays beautiful brown eggs